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About Dr. AJ

Established doctor and educator accustomed to speaking to medical professionals.

I’m Anna Jovanovic, they call me Dr. AJ at work. I’ve been practicing medicine for over 20 years in Connecticut and now I’m branching out into the voice over and commercial narration marketplace. My passion for new experiences led me to the narration field.


As I create voice overs for clients, I enjoy learning about all kinds of things, including — history when creating professional museum tour narrations, or learning about the compassionate work nonprofits do when I’m creating PSAs and all types of subjects when I’m doing voice overs for e-learning projects or audio books.

Here's an overview of my career and achievements as a doctor, speaker and educator:

  • I’ve been a practicing medical doctor for over 20 years at a leading urban medical center in Connecticut with multidisciplinary platforms.

  • I’m an established specialist and educator who is presenting and speaking on a weekly basis so I’m accustomed to speaking to medical professionals.

  • Subject matter includes case presentations, patient care issues and cutting edge medical technology, as well as teaching students and training residents.

  • I am an assistant professor at a Connecticut based medical school: Frank Netter School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University.

  • I’m proficient in medical terminology and abbreviations including the latest in molecular biology and genetics.

  • I have a complete understanding of medical material so I’m able to deliver the narration in context and without a consultation from a physician.​

You can sample my demos here, or contact me to schedule a meeting.

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